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Welcome to my blog! I am a silk painting artist - having dabbled in a number of areas of artistic expression - oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen & ink. I ventured into silk painting a couple of years ago after I took a workshop with renowned artist Olivia Batchelder of Laguna Beach, California. What a wonderful and inspirational teacher she was! Since then I have been forever hooked with anything to do with textile design/silk painting. I find the dyes that I use (French imported DuPont) are so vibrant - unlike any other medium I have ever used. I am slowing finding my "niche" in the art world and would love to inspire and make other people happy when viewing or wearing my work! I am now happy to say that my work as evolved into making designs for pattern repeats for fabric! Instead of spending hours painting a scarf I now paint and upload the painted scans to my computer and make them into a pattern. Once that is complete I upload the Jpegs to my site on Spoonflower.com and I can print all my designs many times on different types of fabric. Visit my Spoonflower site at www.spoonflower.com/profiles/luv2silkpaint Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Painting Away for Arts in the Park..From Koi to Margaritas....

I feel kind of like a little troll down in my studio all day.  Must paint enough to support the two day show in May (Arts in the Park).  Here are a few I did this morning...


  1. Hi Laurie from Dublin Ireland. I am also an artist (watercolour, pen/ink etc),. Just about to paint on silk for first time and wondering do I have to use special dyes or can I use watercolour/acrylic paints?? Love your work... As I live by the sea I hope to paint something seasidey and so discovered your site when I googled for ideas!! You've inspired me- Karen

  2. Hey Karen - I don't use watercolor or acrylic - it's actually dye that I use to paint with. There is a huge silk painting presence in England - many artist groups that you can find just by googling and get connected on where they get their supplies. Good luck - its so fun!